Contra Costa HVAC – The Importance Of Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

As a Contra Costa homeowner, you know maintaining and improving your home involves many choices and decisions. Considering ever-rising energy costs and the fact that more and more people are becoming conscious about the environment, making energy-efficient upgrades to your home is a smart decision, particularly if you ever decide to sell. Heating and cooling your home accounts for a large majority of the energy you use each month, so making improvements that conserve energy is wise.

The National Association of Realtors completed a study that reveals more than anything else, potential buyers want heating and cooling improvements. Next on the list of improvements homebuyers look for is in regards to appliances and lighting.

Utilities such as electric are expenses that are recurring; in some situations, energy costs can rise nearly to the level of a house payment. Unfortunately, this is money wasted considering, once the energy is used, you have nothing to show for it!

How can you upgrade your home to one that is highly energy efficient?

Should you decide to sell your home, making these changes could result in quicker sell of your home, as a potential buyer may qualify for an EEM, or energy-efficient mortgage. Essentially, a homebuyer may be able to change qualifying ratios or increase the amount they are qualified to borrow by demonstrating the energy savings, which may be considered income.

Even if you never intend to sell your Bay Area home, energy-efficient upgrades will benefit you for decades to come in the form of lower utility bills. In addition, certain improvements and installations may qualify for federal energy tax credits!

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of energy-efficiency, not only in terms of money savings, but for impact on the environment for future generations. Learn more about how to make your Contra Costa home more energy efficient by giving us, your local Contra Costa HVAC company, a call today!