Contra Costa HVAC – Energy Efficiency And Clean Indoor Air

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Most homeowners in Contra Costa, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties believe the “tighter” their homes, the more energy efficient it will be – and therefore, energy costs should be lower as a result. While having a home that is free of air leaks IS a good thing, a home can actually be too tight, meaning insufficient ventilation. Ultimately, this may result in indoor air quality that is unhealthy due to pet dander, ordinary dust, smoke from cooking, even toxic cleaners.

True, an airtight home stays cooler in summer months and warmer in winter months, allowing you to save on energy costs – but what are the costs to your family in terms of their health? A home with little or no ventilation will have far more pollutants in the air, which could cause or aggravate respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we know there are several ways to improve indoor air quality for San Francisco Bay Area homeowners. Of course you could reduce the pollutants in your home dramatically by going “green” and getting rid of carpets, drapes, or other materials/fabrics that may contain colors or other chemicals that are breathed in, using paints that contain no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), or even by opening up the windows occasionally, but there are easier ways to improve indoor air quality while enjoying low heating costs. How?

You could choose to furnish the rooms in your home with air cleaning devices or air filtering machines, which remove airborne pollutants, dust particles, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants. Or, you could choose a modern heating and air system that has an air cleaner built in. These systems generally remove more pollutants, because they are able to take even the smallest particles out of the air. This is a particularly attractive solution if your HVAC system is getting old or it’s time to replace.

A home comfort system that is energy efficient and cleans the air inside your home helps you to enjoy lower energy costs, while at the same time enjoying a comfortable home with healthier indoor air for your family. Some home comfort systems are capable of filtering out nearly 99% of airborne contaminants!

To learn more about the various options that will enable you to save on heating your Bay Area home this winter while keeping the indoor air as clean and fresh as possible, give Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, your local Contra Costa HVAC experts, a call today.