Contra Costa HVAC Efficiency – Could Your Ductwork Be Obstructed?

Contra Costa homeowners know that heating and cooling bills are a substantial portion of the money you spend to run your household each month. However, you could be spending more than is necessary to keep your home comfortable! Whether you live in Walnut Creek, San Ramon, or other communities in the Bay Area, it’s important you understand that your ductwork can become obstructed, resulting in reduced energy efficiency.

Here are a few of the most common issues, and how you can resolve them:

Vermin and insects

Small animals and insects may get inside your ducts, often resulting in nesting material which could interrupt airflow – this can also mean poor indoor air quality. While insects are typically too small to impede airflow, ants, spiders, and other “bugs” may build nests in the condenser drain lines, causing it to become plugged. Compressed air can be used to clear these obstructions.

Toys and other foreign objects

Children may drop small toys inside vents, or construction materials may be obstructing your ducts if your home is fairly new – and contractors unknowingly left behind materials. You never know what may be hiding in your ductwork!

Dirt, dust, and debris

The most common obstructions in ductwork: animal dander, household dust, and even dirt which has blown in, can build up in the small junctions of your ducts and accumulate in filters. This means reduced indoor air quality, and reduced airflow which can impact the comfort of your home while resulting in higher energy costs. Be sure to replace filters often, and consider having your ductwork cleaned to eliminate the dust and dirt.

It’s not always easy to know if obstructions in your ductwork may be causing problems. If you experience uneven heating or cooling in specific rooms, or notice that your energy bills are higher than usual, it could be an issue with the ductwork. Also consider having a qualified Contra Costa HVAC expert inspect your ductwork if you notice a foul odor or whistling noises.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners in the Bay Area enjoy a comfortable home and lower energy costs. Suspect your ductwork is obstructed or needs cleaning? Give us a call today.