Contra Costa HVAC: Is The Duct System In Your Home Efficient?

Contra Costa homeowners typically don’t know a lot about their HVAC system, other than it cools and heats their homes according to the season. The fact is, your duct system must be tight and well sealed in order for you to enjoy the healthiest, most comfortable air possible – and lower energy costs. After all, the duct system is responsible for delivering conditioned air into the rooms of your home!

How can you ensure your ducts are in efficient working order, and not compromising your comfort? Here are a few tips.

Look for signs that indicate your ducts are inefficient. Do you experience uneven temperatures from one room to another? Does it seem that airflow is good coming through some of your registers, but not so good with others? There may be flaws in the design of your ducts, or ducts may be leaking air, damaged, crushed, or ripped. If you suspect any of the above, contact a trusted Contra Costa HVAC contractor.

Inspect your ducts yourself. While some people aren’t comfortable getting underneath their homes to inspect duct work, if you are the type who likes to do it yourself you will find the following tips useful.

  • Check for temperature discrepancies or low pressure in specific rooms. When a room seems to not have good airflow, it may be an issue with the duct that runs to that room.
  • Check to ensure joints are sealed with foil or mastic tape. Even though the joint may be connected, air can still leak when joints are not properly sealed.
  • Look for obvious problems such as holes in the ducts, damage, missing insulation, or ducts which may have fallen.

Repairing your ducts. You may want to consider having your Contra Costa air conditioning installation contractor take care of this for you. Again, if you choose to make repairs yourself, follow these guidelines:

  • Replace any ducts which appear to be crushed or substantially damaged.
  • Ducts in the basement, attic, or crawl space should be insulated using insulation batts or rolls.
  • Loose duct joints can be sealed using mastic applied with a disposable paint brush; once the mastic is dry, wrap the joint with foil tape.
  • Open the interior doors in your home so that return air can flow unrestricted; alternately, you may want to install door and/or wall transfer grilles.

It’s also important to consider having your ducts cleaned on occasion, as leaks, holes, and other damage can lead to a buildup of dust, debris, mold, and even rodent droppings – all of which you do not want coming inside your home!

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to help ensure your duct system is performing at top efficiency. We invite homeowners in the Bay Area and surrounding communities to call us with questions you may have about your home’s duct system.