Considering New HVAC Installation? Choosing A Local HVAC Expert Is Key

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in HVAC installation, and know that where you purchase your equipment can make the difference in the satisfaction you enjoy with your system. There are several reasons why you should stick with an experienced technician close to home, rather than buying online. Sure, there are some great deals price-wise online, but there is usually a catch. If you should choose to purchase your HVAC equipment on the Internet, you may find that the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should stick with a reputable local company when considering HVAC installation:

  • The best equipment for your needs. Only a skilled HVAC technician can determine which equipment will heat and cool your home most efficiently, making your family comfortable and saving you money.
  • Complete warranty coverage. When you purchase online, you will likely receive a limited parts warranty. This means that you could find you are facing substantial costs in terms of labor when repairs are needed. Essentially, you’re likely to find that the expenses of maintaining or repairing your HVAC system cancels out, or even exceeds, the initial savings.
  • A trusted, reputable product. There are countless scams online today; even though you believe you’re purchasing a good product, it may actually be equipment that is stolen, substandard or even a knock-off of the genuine brand name.
  • Costly installation. Your East Bay HVAC contractor may charge you a premium price for installation or may even refuse to install equipment that is purchased on the Internet, simply because he isn’t certain of the quality or authenticity of the equipment.

Are you in need of expert HVAC installation in your East Bay/San Francisco home? Don’t make the mistake of purchasing your equipment online; trust the skilled professionals at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning. For more than a dozen years we’ve been providing homeowners with unmatched products, installation, and service. Call 510.445.1940 to schedule a free consultation visit today!