Conserving Energy in the Bay Area During Winter Months

conserving energy

While we don’t typically experience low temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s during winter months in San Francisco, San Mateo, and other cities in the Bay Area during the winter season, it’s still possible to save on energy costs. Even when the weather turns just a bit cooler, energy costs can increase more than you realize. Even cooler days and strong winds can absorb a substantial amount of heat, making you feel a bit uncomfortable inside your home. How can you save money on heating costs this winter season? We have a few tips that make conserving energy easy for Bay Area homeowners.

Turn the thermostat down a tad. While 70 degrees is a comfortable temperature for most people, turning it down even one degree can result in a 5% savings on your energy bill. Put on an extra layer of clothing, turn the thermostat down, and stay warm and comfortable while saving money.

Turn the water heater down. Most water heaters are set on a temperature of 120 degrees or higher. You can save on both energy consumption and costs by turning it down a few degrees.

Repair any leaks around windows, doors, and pipes. Many Bay Area homeowners do not realize how much warm air can be lost around gaps, cracks, or leaks in windows, doors, and around pipes/plumbing that comes into the house. Not only can warm air escape, cooler outdoor air can infiltrate your home. Use caulk, sealer, weather stripping, and other products to seal up any air leaks. You will enjoy comfort, and save on utility costs.

Is your furnace functioning properly? Ensuring your furnace is performing as it should is top priority. Many homeowners never think about heating from one winter season to the next. Make sure you change the filters regularly, and have your system checked out every spring and fall by a reputable San Francisco HVAC contractor. Proper maintenance is key to energy savings, comfort, and the longevity of your system!

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we know staying comfortable during winter months can be tough, even though temperatures are relatively mild when compared to many other regions. We cater to residential and commercial clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, ensuring your comfort and helping reduce utility costs. Contact us today for all of your heating needs!