Common Indoor Air Contaminates In The Bay Area And Their Causes

indoor air contaminates

If you live in Hayward, San Mateo, or anywhere in the Bay Area you may already know the air inside your home is far more polluted than the outside air. Even if you aren’t aware of this fact, you may be having problems with sneezing, allergies, shortness of breath, or some other type of sickness. Are you a victim of indoor air contaminates, and if so, what’s the source? Our HVAC experts have a few tips to help you understand possible contaminants and potential solutions.

Some of the more dangerous causes of indoor air pollution and poor health include asbestos, lead, mold, chemicals, and bacteria. If you believe this is the case, it’s important to have your home tested as some of these contaminants, such as asbestos and mold, can lead to severe respiratory illness, cancer, and other serious illnesses.

Radon is another substance that can contaminate the air you breathe. It is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally and can seep through any opening of a home or business such as drains or foundation cracks. Radon exposure is a direct cause of lung cancer, so have your home tested on a regular basis.

Pollen, household dust, and other allergens are very common but can often be controlled to some extent. Common “biological” pollutants often found indoors include pollen, household dust (dust mites), pet dander, bacteria, even particles from cockroaches or other insects. Mold is another issue that often occurs when a home is too humid or moist inside. While you can control household dust, pollen, and pet dander to a great extent by regularly dusting, vacuuming, and laundering sheets and other bedding, you’ll want to have a professional come inspect your home if you suspect you have a mold problem.

HVAC systems work to filter the air; however, in some cases you may want to consider a dehumidifier if you have problems with moisture, or an electronic air cleaner or purifier to further clean the air inside your home.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning we want to help you enjoy the healthiest, freshest air possible inside your Bay Area home. For more information or to schedule a repair or installation of a new HVAC system, give us a call today.