Proper Cleaning & Care of Ducts and Vents for Homeowners

ducts and vents

Unfortunately, most Bay Area homeowners don’t give their ducts and vents much thought. If the heat comes on during winter months, great – nothing else to worry about, right? The fact is, the ducts and air vents are a critical part of your home comfort, delivering conditioned air throughout the rooms of your home. When dirt, dust, pet dander, even rodent droppings or mold build up inside your ducts or air vents, it can wreak havoc on your HVAC system, causing it to work harder or even break down. In addition, all of the “stuff” in ducts and air vents can result in polluted indoor air quality!

Using your air vents (and cleaning them)

Air vents not only make it possible for heated or cooled air to make its way into your home, they also make it possible to control how much air is distributed. In rooms you don’t use, you can close the vents. Those you use all the time allow more heat during winter months if you leave them open. However, it’s important to keep air vents clean, and to avoid blocking them with furniture, boxes, magazines, or even heavy draperies as this could affect how your HVAC system performs. Also keep in mind that because of the dust and dirt that can accumulate in ducts and air vents, regular cleaning is important. Use a hose attachment with your vacuum to suck up dirt, pet hair, and other debris, or even remove them from the floor and wash if extremely dirty. This will allow cleaner air to come into your home.

Have your ducts cleaned

Some HVAC companies don’t really push duct cleaning, but it’s actually very important to remove build-up that could affect the indoor air quality and ability of your heating and air conditioning system to heat and cool your home. Ductwork may have leaks at joints, holes or damage caused by rodents, and build-up of dirt, mold, dust, and other debris. Considering the ducts are what deliver heated or cooled air to the interior of your home, having them cleaned periodically is important!

In the process of cleaning your ducts, our technicians use high-powered vacuums that are capable of removing built-up dirt and other debris. There are also options that help prevent the growth of bacteria or mold inside your ducts, or kill any existing bacteria, mildew, or mold. Ducts that leak allow conditioned air to escape before it is delivered to your indoor spaces, costing you more and making your home more uncomfortable.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, our Bay Area heating professionals are dedicated to helping you enjoy comfortable, healthy indoor air while saving money on energy costs. For all of your heating or duct cleaning needs, count on our team of dedicated technicians!