Choosing The Right Furnace Filter For Your Peninsula Home

furnace filter

Many Peninsula and East Bay Area homeowners aren’t aware of the important role the furnace filter plays in proper functioning. With winter approaching fast, it’s important to understand why choosing the proper furnace filter is vital. Essentially, this filter works to sift allergens and debris out of the air that goes through your HVAC system, while keeping the components of your equipment clean. Regular replacement of these filters also extends the life of your heating system, and makes for improved indoor air quality.

What’s the best type of furnace filter? It can be a tough decision, considering there are disposable, UV rays, electrostatic, and electronic. Electronic filters collect even minuscule dust particles via static charge, while germicidal UV rays eliminate bacteria, viruses in the air, mold, etc. Most people choose disposable filters, which may be made of cotton, paper, fiberglass, or polyester. Cheaper filters are not always the best choice when it comes to your furnace and the air quality in your Bay Area home.

Proper size is also critical to the best filtration. In most cases, the size of the filter is indicated on the filter, however, if you can’t locate it and aren’t sure what size you need, either consult your furnace manual or use a tape measure to be certain of the correct size.

Which filter you choose depends on several factors. For homeowners who have pets that stay indoors much of the time; are smokers; or have family members with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues; it’s important to choose a high-quality filter. Additionally, denseness of the material impacts how well a filter performs, as hair, dust, dirt, pet dander, airborne contaminants and other debris build up over time. When the filter becomes clogged or has a heavy build-up of debris, it doesn’t operate as efficiently – and you’ll probably also notice a difference in your comfort level.

Good air circulation is essential, not only your family’s health and proper functioning of your heating system, but also it’s lifespan as well. While they’re not as costly as other components of your furnace, they’re certainly one of the most essential!

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