Is Heating Or Cooling Your Home Related To Pest Infestations?

heating or cooling

Most homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area don't associate their HVAC systems with pest infestations, however the two can be related. While you may not be aware of it, there must be some level of exchange of the air inside and outside your home in order for your heating and cooling system to … [Read more...]

Homeowners Wonder… Is It Time To Call The HVAC Repair Man?

hvac repair man

Anyone who lives in the San Francisco peninsula area knows that we all take our heating and cooling systems for granted. As long as we're comfortable, we give little or no thought to our HVAC systems, which provide cool air in summer months and warm air during the cooler season. It's likely you … [Read more...]

Common HVAC Problems That Can Make Your System Seem Inefficient

hvac problems

Most San Francisco Bay Area homeowners don't realize the importance of upkeep on their heating and cooling system. Like other appliances or equipment in your home, regular care is essential for your HVAC system to function properly and at its most efficient. If it seems your system isn't working … [Read more...]

San Mateo HVAC – Programmable Thermostat Troubleshooting

San Francisco Bay Area homeowners often have programmable thermostats installed to enjoy energy savings and a more comfortable home. However, just like any other equipment, a programmable thermostat may malfunction, or even need to be replaced on occasion. If your programmable thermostat is on the … [Read more...]

San Mateo HVAC – Troubleshooting Programmable Thermostats

As more Bay Area homeowners focus on reducing energy use and saving money, many have had programmable thermostats installed. While these types of thermostats are highly reliable, just like any other piece of equipment, they can malfunction. Homeowners in San Francisco, San Mateo, Hayward, and … [Read more...]