Carrier Cor ‘Smart’ Thermostats For Bay Area Homeowners

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Unlike in the 80’s or 90’s, Bay Area homeowners have a wide array of options when it comes to cooling and heating their homes. One of the most innovative developments is the Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, which makes it possible to operate your thermostat from a remote location using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other device. As a Carrier dealer, we want to enlighten homeowners in the San Francisco area about the Carrier Cor, a thermostat that makes controlling the temperature inside your home simple.

What exactly is a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat?

Basically, you can control functions related to temperature remotely, whether from your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or any device connected to the Internet. While you can still control your thermostat at home, it’s now possible to send commands through a modem!

Features offered by the Carrier Cor

The Carrier Cor uses advanced technology making it possible for you to not only raise or lower the temperature remotely, but even schedule future temperatures if you’re going to be away for a couple of days, or even while you’re on vacation. This thermostat is also capable of changing temperature settings automatically in response to the fluctuations in temperature throughout the day. A color touch screen directs you through achieving the temperature you desire using situational prompts.

Device apps

Carrier has made a huge effort to accommodate homeowners’ device preferences by creating apps for the Cor thermostat designed for your preferred device. Whether you use a Windows or Apple operating system, an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, or other system, it’s likely there is an app you can download to make it possible to control your thermostat using a familiar platform.

Integration into your existing heating/cooling or HVAC system

Because the Carrier Cor is adaptable to a wide array of existing heating, cooling, and HVAC systems, chances are the thermostat will work seamlessly with the hardware you already have in your home. Every Wi-Fi enabled thermostat should integrate easily with an existing setup, so if your system is new or your having the current system replaced, ask your Bay Area HVAC technician about compatibility.

If you’re interested in the Carrier Cor thermostat, be aware that it must be installed by an HVAC professional in order to enjoy the benefits of a guarantee. In addition, our technicians can answer all of your questions regarding the Carrier Cor thermostat, so that you know what it’s capable of and how to operate it without frustration!

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide all of the latest, most innovative and energy efficient heating and cooling systems and thermostats for Bay Area homeowners. Call us today for more information about the Carrier Cor thermostat!