Can Office Temps Affect Productivity in Hayward Businesses?

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As experienced Hayward HVAC contractors, we know that comfort has a lot to do with productivity in the office. When employees are either too cold or too warm, productivity suffers. Studies have confirmed that most people find a temperature between 70 F and 73 F most comfortable, however this can fluctuate depending on a number of factors.

Employees with a higher BMI or higher content of body fat tend to be warmer than those with a lower body mass index (less body fat). In addition, people tend to feel colder as they age, so an employee who’s 60 may not feel comfortable at a temperature younger employees find satisfactory. While it is impossible to please everyone, you want to keep the office environment as comfortable as possible. A quality heat and air system helps not only keep the office warm on cool days and cool on hot days, it also improves the quality of indoor air through filtration.

It’s difficult for employees to focus on work and be at their best productivity-wise when they’re cold and having to layer up to come into the office. Being uncomfortable affects people not only physically, but mentally as well. It’s easy to become lethargic when you’re freezing or sweating in the workplace. While clothing can make a considerable difference in comfort, only a highly efficient heating and cooling system can provide comfortable temperatures while filtering the air and controlling humidity levels – another factor in comfort. In winter months, too little humidity indoors can result in cracked skin, sore throats, and air that feels colder than the actual temperature.

You want to provide a work environment for your employees that’s comfortable, while helping maintain a high level of productivity. If your current HVAC system is costing you in frequent repairs or is 10 years old or older, you may want to consider a newer, more efficient system. Overall you’ll enjoy increased comfort, higher productivity, and reduced energy costs at your Hayward businesses!

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