Can a Malfunctioning Air Conditioner Negatively Impact You?

malfunctioning air conditioner

Most of us in San Mateo or surrounding Bay Area cities are familiar with the weather around San Francisco in summer months. While it may not get extremely hot and humid like it often does in the south, we still have days that are hot enough to become uncomfortable occasionally. Besides making us a little uncomfortable as homeowners, how else could a malfunctioning air conditioner impact people’s lives? Here are three scenarios.

A hot school building can affect children’s ability to learn. When temperatures become uncomfortably hot inside a school, kids have a tough time concentrating. This is understandable; as a parent, have you ever tried to accomplish something when the air conditioner is broken, and temperatures are unbearable?

In a retail setting, you may find your business falters if your air conditioning system fails for a day or two – or even longer. Consumers are likely to take their business elsewhere when the air inside a store, restaurant, or other business is stifling and hot. Who could blame them? Many customers may be of the opinion that business owners who don’t consider the comfort of their customer, not to mention their employers, are neglectful and put profits above all else.

Employees’ health may be at risk. Two years ago, the owner of a McDonald’s franchise in New York City failed to repair a broken air conditioner for several years. Eventually, an employee collapsed from the heat, leading to the other employees walking out. This story made the headlines, but no business wants to be in the news because of something negative. Employees branded the business owner an “animal.” Don’t let this be you!

All of these examples are true stories, and while they are related to commercial air conditioning, why suffer in your own home? If you are a business owner in the San Francisco Bay Area, don’t let your cooling system stay down for any length of time. If you’re a homeowner, be sure to have your system tuned up for summer months, or consider the installation of a high-efficiency model for a comfortable home and reduced energy costs.

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