What Is HVAC?

Most people don't know, or care to know, what HVAC stands for, let alone what it actually is. When we're hot or cold, we simply walk up to a little panel, push a button or two, and bingo...we have our desired internal climate! We give no thought as to how that climate magically "becomes". We just … [Read more...]

Duct Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

More and more people are becoming aware of the duct cleaning process and that it's something that needs to be done. That's obviously great news! But while they are aware of the process, there are still some questions that linger...some frequently asked questions. That's why we've come up with a list … [Read more...]

How To Cut Your Air Conditioning Costs In Half

We're nearing peak summer temperatures, so why don't we talk about lowering costs? Most people today have invested in some type of air conditioner. Whether it's a window air conditioner, a portable air conditioner, or central air conditioning, we've all got a hand in the deal. Many people love their … [Read more...]

Why Do Duct Cleaning Prices Vary So Much?

When you see advertisements or call around for price checks on duct cleaning services, you might be shocked to see the wide variety of price ranges out there. There can be a range of roughly $400 difference between companies. The common question we get asked, is why does this occur? Aren't we all … [Read more...]

Leave Your HVAC Repair And Installation To A Professional

We live in a generation that watches the Home Improvement channel and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) programs around the clock. This can be a great thing! There are certain ventures where it makes sense to try it out on your own, but there are others where it can prove detrimental to attempt it by yourself. … [Read more...]

What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks

It's that time of the year again, and we're all running our air conditioners non-stop. Humidity and heat are playing their cruel game of seeing how much sweat they can get out of us. So, we turn on our air conditioners and stay inside to "beat the heat". What happens, though, when your air … [Read more...]

How Often Should You Change Your Air Conditioning Filters?

How Often Should I Change My Air Conditioning Filters? We get this question a lot! You know they're there, you know they do something important, and even if you don't know very much about how air conditioning works, you know something has to be done with them. The question boils down to, how often? … [Read more...]

HVAC Myths & Facts

MYTH: It is more efficient to leave the air conditioner running continually at an optimal level than it is to turn if off and turn it back on to cool down the house. FACT: Electricity is electricity. The more AC you use, the more electricity you use, the less efficient you are. When you aren't … [Read more...]