San Mateo HVAC Services | Water Heater Checklist

It goes without saying that we take advantage of our water heaters. We don't fully appreciate the fact that we can hop into a bathtub or shower and with a flick of the wrist have warm water gushing down on us. Although, a few of us have experienced the dreaded broken water heater syndrome. You step … [Read more...]

Air Conditioning History Starts With Carrier

The History of Air Conditioning started with Carrier. Designed in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier, an Electrical Engineer tasked with fixing a humidity problem that existed at a large corporate publishing company Sackett-Wilhemss Lithographing, arrives the modern Air Condition Unit as we know it … [Read more...]

Tips To Cheaper Central Heating Bills

We're about a month into fall right now, and though it doesn't seem like it, colder weather is right around the corner. We've been lucky so far in that the temperatures have been mild, or some may even say warm. This will come to pass, and you will eventually have to flip the on switch for your … [Read more...]

The Benefits of a Gas Central Heating System

There are many different methods for heating your home. Many people use such items as electric space heaters, electric fan heaters, portable electrical or gas fireplaces, and oil burning radiators, but oftentimes this can be more expensive than if you installed and ran a gas central heating system. … [Read more...]

Electric Heater Safety

Let's face it...sometimes our central heating just isn't enough to do the job. We want heat in specific, localized areas, and so we resort to other means of heating. The most common additional resource is the space heater. While the space heater does its job well, people often underestimate just how … [Read more...]