Bay Area HVAC Company Offers Winter Weather Emergency Preparation Tips

While the winter season in the Bay Area doesn’t usually result in extremely cold temperatures, it can get downright chilly at times. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to be prepared for an emergency, so that you don’t find yourself without food, medications and other essentials should an emergency occur, preventing you from being able to get to the store or pharmacy. Our Bay Area HVAC installation experts offer the following tips, so you will be prepared regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way.

  • Be sure to have a battery-operated weather radio on hand, so that you can get road conditions and weather reports should the power go out.
  • Stock up on first-aid supplies, medications, flashlights, and batteries.
  • To prevent food spoilage should you lose power for a day or two, avoid opening the refrigerator door or freezer more often than is necessary.
  • Keep plenty of pre-packaged and canned foods on hand that can be eaten without cooking; also consider buying a hand-operated can opener.
  • Buy a portable space heater, or consider a standby generator to supply power to your home for heat. If you cannot afford a backup heating source, layer up your clothes to stay warm. A hat or knit cap is a good idea as well, as most of your body’s heat escapes through the head.
  • Make sure your home is weather-ready, so that you can retain the heat for as long as possible should the power go out. Caulk or apply weather stripping around any air leaks, make sure your insulation is up to par.
  • To prevent possible damage to your electronics due to electrical surge, unplug kitchen appliances, computers, stereos, televisions, etc.

Hopefully temperatures will remain mild, and we will avoid any weather emergencies this winter season – but it never hurts to be prepared!

At Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer these tips so that our customers can stay as comfortable and safe as possible regardless of the weather. Contact us today for all of your Bay Area HVAC repair and installation needs, or with any questions you may have about backup heat sources.