Bay Area HVAC – HVAC Unit Making Your Home Look Ugly?

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As Bay Area HVAC professionals, we know that for some homeowners, an outdoor heating/air conditioning unit can be unsightly, detracting from your landscape and the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, there are a few quick fixes you may want to consider!

If your unit is located in or near a garden or area where your family and guests sit to visit and enjoy the outdoors, consider a screen or trellis. There are many types of climbing vines that can be trained to grow up and across the trellis, completely hiding your air conditioning unit from view. Be sure to place the screen/trellis in a way that it will block the view of the unit from the area where you normally sit or entertain.

Put a fence around it. You don’t have to build an elaborate fence, just one tall enough to hide your unit from view. Leave a foot or two clearance around the unit, and paint or stain the fence so that it blends into your home and other landscaping elements.

Create a stone path, lush vegetation, and other beautiful landscaping to guide visitors’ view away from the air conditioning unit. When you create a focal point in the yard, it’s easier to distract visitors’ attention away from the unit, and instead toward your gorgeous landscape.

Some homeowners choose to paint their units so that they blend with the surroundings. A popular color for items people want to disguise in their landscapes is “Go Away Green.” This can be used on fences and other things to make them become nearly invisible!

We all enjoy a comfortable home whether during summer or winter months, but in some cases an outside unit can detract from the beauty of your landscape! For more tips or to have your heating/cooling system repaired or replaced, rely on Ortiz Heating & A/C for outstanding products, service, and price.