Bay Area HVAC – Troubleshooting A Heat Pump Tips

San Francisco and Bay Area homeowners already know a heat pump heats your home in winter months, and cools it during the summer season. Basically, during the winter season the heat pump extracts heat from cold outdoor air; in summer months, the process is reversed.

Maintaining your heat pump is important, as is scheduling regular maintenance. It’s vital to address small issues early on in order to prevent compressor problems (which can be expensive) later. Here are a few tips to keep your heat pump performing efficiently and extend its life:

  • Check to ensure the outdoor unit is level every fall. Using a carpenter’s level, check from front to back and side to side to make sure the unit is level on the pad. If not, level the pad by building up the ground underneath with crushed rock or stone. You can lift the pad using a 2×4 or pry bar. Also be sure to check the piping insulation, which may deteriorate over time.
  • Keep the unit free of debris such as leaves and pine needles, but also remove the grille (only when power to the unit is shut off) to remove dirt, leaves, and other debris from the updraft fans.
  • When the power has been interrupted for longer than an hour, wait for at least six hours to try to operate it again, particularly if temperatures are below 50 degrees. When a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse or power failure causes your unit to be off for more than an hour, lubricant may be too cool to property circulate, which could result in valve damage. Switch the unit to emergency heat for about six to eight hours before switching it back to the normal setting.

If you have problems with your heat pump that you cannot resolve yourself, call your Bay Area HVAC technician to troubleshoot the issue and make any necessary repairs. Don’t forget the importance of regular check-ups to ensure your unit operates efficiently, and lasts for years!

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