Bay Area HVAC: Save Money & Make Your Home Comfortable This Winter

As a San Francisco or Bay Area homeowner, you may not realize that the temperature your thermostat indicates isn’t the only thing that affects how comfortable your home feels in winter months. The level of humidity inside your home affects comfort as well – and energy costs. Humid air feels warmer to the skin than dry air. Humidity levels that are too low can not only make you feel colder, but they can cause other issues as well.

Winters in the Bay Area can lead to health issues and dry skin

While temperatures don’t generally drop drastically in winter months, humidity levels do. Low humidity can lead to:

  • Hands, lips, and other skin that is cracked, dry, or peeling
  • Irritated, itchy skin
  • Nosebleeds
  • Asthma, allergy, and cold symptoms that are worsened or more pronounced than usual
  • Your home feeling colder than it actually is, and therefore less comfortable

Should you consider a whole-house humidifier for your Bay Area home?

Humidity is essentially moisture, and moist air feels warmer than dry air. Whole house humidifiers increase the indoor humidity levels, making your home feel warmer and more comfortable. Portable humidifiers are often used to increase humidity in specific areas of your home, however they typically require more maintenance and are less effective than a whole-house model, which is installed in your furnace’s ductwork. Essentially, these systems work to control the level of humidity throughout your home.

Basically, whole house humidifiers work by circulating a portion of the air that goes through your furnace through a humidifier. Your home’s water supply supplies moisture which is picked up by the air in the humidifier, and then mixes with the heated air before coming through the vents in your home. The air delivered through the vents has a higher moisture content, which means comfortable air that feels warmer than heated air without humidity.

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