Bay Area HVAC – Common Myths About HVAC Equipment

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As a homeowner in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re probably like most people – as long as your heating/cooling system is running, there’s no problem, right? Not necessarily. There are several common myths regarding HVAC systems that many homeowners buy in to. At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we want you to be aware of these potentially dangerous and costly myths.

Changing the filter once each month is all you need to do. While this is important, it’s also vital to have the blower inspected and cleaned on occasion. Burners need occasional adjusting and cleaning, and refrigerant levels need to be checked along with flame sensors and thermocouples. Schedule a check-up at least once per year, preferably twice.

The indoor air quality at your home is just fine. Maybe, maybe not. All homes have a certain level of indoor air pollution, depending on several factors such as whether someone smokes in the home; the presence of pets; the amount of pollen in the air; fumes from cooking, paint, or hairspray; even fumes from chemicals in carpets, upholstery, and other textiles. Changing your filter regularly can help, but in many cases a better quality filter system can improve indoor air quality.

Always get the best deal possible. Sure, everyone wants to save money, however price is often an indication of quality and experience. When choosing a Bay Area HVAC contractor, price should never be the deciding factor. A low price bid may sound great, but there may be “hidden” charges down the road, depending on the services you want performed. Make certain the company you choose guarantees their work, and their reputation is solid. You could learn a lesson the hard way by hiring the company offering the lowest price!

As long as your system’s running and you don’t hear any strange noises, everything’s okay. The fact is, serious problems can exist that are silent, and can intensify. If your heat and air system is older, it’s vital to have things checked out regularly, as a malfunctioning heat exchanger or other component could be dangerous.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we know there are many myths about heating/cooling systems that many people believe. Your HVAC system is a large investment, so keep it running efficiently and keep your family safe by having regular check-ups performed.