Bay Area HVAC and Allergies – Reducing Severity Of Seasonal Allergies

hvac and allergies

Spring is upon us, and while we all anticipate warmer weather and beautiful days, one thing Bay Area homeowners don’t look forward to is seasonal allergies. While you can’t control the allergens and pollen outdoors, you can significantly reduce the pollen and dust inside your home, which helps reduce allergy symptoms.

Our Bay Area HVAC professionals have a few tips for controlling particles that aggravate allergies inside your home:

Avoid dry dusting. When you dust furnishings with a dry rag, all you accomplish is moving dust particles from one area to another. Use a damp rag or microstatic cloth to capture dust and remove it.

Vacuum frequently. Vacuum at least once each week to eliminate dust and debris using a vacuum with a HEPA filter if possible. High quality air filters remove more dust and particles from the air you breathe.

Use natural cleaning products. Many Bay Area homeowners don’t realize it, but harsh chemicals in many cleaning products may trigger allergies. Try to stick to natural, eco-friendly products.

Change the filter on your air conditioner regularly. The filter on your HVAC system is designed to capture dust and debris, filtering the air so that cleaner, breathable air is delivered to the rooms of your home.

Consider having your ducts cleaned. Ductwork is one area most homeowners pay little attention to; out of sight, out of mind. Your ducts may leak, or have cracks/holes where dust, dirt, and other debris make their way inside. Ducts can also develop mold or mildew. Because the ducts are responsible for delivering conditioned air to your home, consider having them cleaned this spring season.

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