Bay Area Heating – Warming Your Home With Space Heaters

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Lots of homeowners in the Bay Area use space heaters during the winter season to make their homes more comfortable. Temperatures during the winter months tend to be fairly mild for the most part, however there are times when it gets downright chilly. When does it make sense to use a space heater in terms of comfort and saving money, and when does it actually cost you more? Our San Francisco HVAC experts have some advice to help you understand how to use electric, gas, or radiant space heaters in a way that makes the most sense (cents).

Space heaters are a great idea when you’re just adding a little warmth to a single room. If your family is watching television in the family room and you could use just a tad more heat, it makes great sense to use a space heater – just be sure to turn the furnace or heater down a few degrees, as using both will only make your utility bills higher!

Have a bedroom or bathroom where the heating seems inadequate? You can feel more comfortable in those drafty or cool rooms by using a space heater, but be sure you turn the thermostat down on your furnace or central heating. Also remember that once you’re no longer in the room you’re heating, turn the space heater off. No use wasting gas or electricity to heat an empty room.

Space heaters are not meant to heat up an entire home on top of using the central heat or furnace. If you’re having to use space heaters all over your house just to keep it comfortable while using your central unit as well, there is likely a problem somewhere.

What could the problems with your furnace or central heat be? It could be that your system is old and inefficient, that it isn’t sized properly for your home, or it may be malfunctioning. It’s a good idea to have your heating & cooling system checked out by a professional if it isn’t providing a comfortable level of heat to your home.

Other problems that lend to an uncomfortably cool home are air leaks and faulty duct work. If even the tiniest cracks or holes exist around windows, doors, or other entrances for pipes, etc., warm air can escape. If your ducts are leaking air, the conditioned air could be going somewhere else other than making it into your interior spaces. Inadequate insulation could be another reason why your home feels uncomfortable.

Space heaters can actually increase comfort and reduce utility costs when used properly. However, if you’re having to use them in an effort to heat your home because of other problems, they could be adding to your energy costs.

Is it time to have your system checked out so you can enjoy comfort while saving on energy costs? Contact the Bay Area heating and cooling professionals at Ortiz Heating & A/C today! We’re all about comfort, reliability, and money savings.