Bay Area Heating – All About Wall And Baseboard Heaters

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In new construction homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, general contractors often suggest modern HVAC systems to heat and cool the home. However, if you live in an older home, your heating source may be a wall or baseboard heater. While these types of heating systems are often effective for smaller spaces, there are several drawbacks homeowners should be aware of.

Wall heaters may malfunction due to:

  • A failing thermostat, which is responsible for the output of the heater
  • A burning heating element; regular usage can burn up the element, which results in your heater not working
  • Malfunction of the on and off switch

Gas wall heaters bring a whole new set of risks to Bay Area homeowners. Any time you have a system that operates using gas, you risk exposure to carbon monoxide. With a gas wall heater this can happen when a filter is dirty. If you do have a gas wall heater and cannot afford a new, more efficient heating system, be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Scales of rust on the furnace surface may also develop, as wall furnaces tend to produce condensation, or moisture. With gas wall furnaces, the mixture of condensation and carbon dioxide may result in scales which can flake off of the furnace surface and land on burners, which may prevent proper heating due to blocked gas flow.

If you are a San Francisco homeowner with a wall or baseboard heater that is giving you problems, contact Ortiz Heating & A/C today, your Bay Area Heating and Cooling Specialists. As seasoned heating installation and repair professionals, our job is to keep your home safe and comfortable for the winter season. Considering a new HVAC system for your home heating and cooling needs? We’re the experts you can depend on!