Bay Area Heating & Air Conditioning – Avoiding HVAC Scammers

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Unfortunately, there are scammers in nearly every industry today – including the HVAC industry. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and suspect your heating system needs a repair (or perhaps even replacement), how can you be sure you won’t be taken to the bank by someone who’s unscrupulous?

We know there are countless HVAC companies in and around the Bay Area, most of them trustworthy and legitimate. Unfortunately, there are also some who are fraudulent and will take any opportunity to scam an unsuspecting homeowner! Some companies collect leads through their service departments, for the purpose of selling a solution that’s costly and unnecessary to a customer who potentially needs only a minor, affordable fix.

How can you spot a potential scammer? Fraudulent HVAC companies often use coupons and printed ads to attract older consumers. Once a technician arrives at the home, he or she will attempt to strike fear in the heart of the homeowner, making a much larger issue out of what could be a very minor problem such as a faulty gas valve. These scammers know that most consumers, especially senior citizens, are not knowledgable about the various components of a heating and cooling system and how they function. Because of this, they can turn a minor issue into a major crisis, claiming the entire system must be replaced.

It’s important for Bay Area homeowners to know that if you do sign a service contract and then feel uncomfortable about the situation, you have three days to revoke a contract in writing under the law.

Ultimately it’s a good idea to do your homework before choosing a heating and cooling company for repairs, maintenance, or even a new system. While you can find reviews and testimonials online for many companies, we highly recommend you find out if the company is Diamond Certified, as companies who are have been independently verified.

Don’t become the victim of HVAC scammers! When you need a Bay Area heating and cooling company you can trust for quality repairs or equipment at an affordable price, count on the professionals at Ortiz Heating & A/C.