Bay Area Air Conditioning – Cooling Essential For Server Rooms

bay area air conditioning

In the Bay Area, many businesses today have data or server rooms in which computer equipment and servers are kept. This equipment generates a ton of heat, but it’s essential given the fact that today, nearly every business depends on computers for their business, whether using accounting programs, using inventory programs, accessing the Internet, etc. Without the internet, cloud services, and all the electronic gadgets we depend on today, could our businesses even run? Good question. However, we know the importance of a great cooling system to keep your data rooms from getting smoking hot!

As trusted Bay Area air conditioning professionals, we know that many companies have a substantial amount of money invested in data and server rooms. Imagine if your equipment became severely overheated due to a breakdown in your cooling system – it could result in hardware damage, not to mention the loss of irreplaceable data! Unless you back up your data at a location offsite or include safeguards such as automatic power downs, the outcome could be disastrous.

When your server or data room doesn’t have reliable cooling or your AC system fails, you face the possibility of lost money, considerable downtime, and much more. It is vital to choose an HVAC contractor who understands how critical it is to keep your cooling system up and running – and to provide a system that’s dependable, energy efficient, and properly sized for the needs of your business.

It isn’t enough to simply install a cooling system when it comes to your business. It’s important you choose a highly qualified contractor who understands the importance of determining BTUs (how much power your systems require), proper installation, the necessity of your system being maintained regularly to ensure proper functioning, and your equipment being protected from a “meltdown.”

Trust your data or server rooms and the hardware/equipment in those rooms to Ortiz Heating & A/C. In business for more than 16 years, our Bay Area air conditioning professionals are dedicated to exceptional products, service, and customer satisfaction.