Avoid Costly Furnace Repairs In Your Bay Area Home

furnace repairs

Fall is here, and with winter just around the corner, you may be hoping the furnace in your San Jose or Peninsula home holds up over the winter months. Furnace repairs or replacement can be expensive, although some minor repairs aren’t too costly. However, there are some things you can do yourself to keep your furnace working in good order for as long as possible. Our Bay Area HVAC technicians have a few tips.

As we’ve stressed time and time again, changing the filters every month or two is imperative to proper functioning and longevity of your equipment. Dirty filters can cause damage to other components, not to mention the fact that it can affect the quality of indoor air. Change your filter often!

When in doubt, don’t do it yourself. If you aren’t familiar with, or knowledgeable about, your furnace, leave repairs to the experts. You could do more harm than good, resulting in a higher repair bill. If you don’t know for certain you have the ability to repair a delicate component, don’t take the chance – contact our heating and cooling professionals.

Clean the area around your furnace regularly. Cobwebs, dust, grime, and clutter in the immediate area of your furnace – all of these things can make your heater inefficient and impede airflow, which can result in premature wear.

Work with a trusted HVAC contractor to avoid potential failure of your furnace. Having your furnace maintained on a regular basis, or having repairs made before they become serious, is crucial to how well your furnace functions and how long it will last. By establishing a good relationship with a professional, you can count on quality, reliable service by someone who’s familiar with your equipment every time.

We all know that heating and cooling equipment doesn’t last forever, however, you can put off the inevitable for a significant amount of time simply by taking care of it and having it checked by a professional on a regular basis. Have questions about your furnace? Give the Bay Area HVAC experts at Ortiz Heating & A/C a call today.