HVAC Myths & Facts

MYTH: It is more efficient to leave the air conditioner running continually at an optimal level than it is to turn if off and turn it back on to cool down the house. FACT: Electricity is electricity. The more AC you use, the more electricity you use, the less efficient you are. When you aren't … [Read more...]

The History of Air Conditioning

Isn't it nice that with the flip of a switch we can just turn on the air conditioner and immediately enjoy the cool sensations it brings with it? Most of us take advantage of our ability to easily access this commodity, since it exists pretty much everywhere today. Most buildings and houses come … [Read more...]

5 Myths About Duct Cleaning

We all know the importance of air quality. We hear about the air quality reports given for the outside "atmosphere" on a daily basis, but what do we do about our "inside" atmosphere? Most of us only focus on vacuuming and dusting...basically getting the superficial dust and grime out of the air, but … [Read more...]

Four Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips – HVAC Guide

We've all been there before. Middle of the summer. Sweltering heat...but it's so cool inside! If we can just stay inside, we'll be comfortable! The hum of the air conditioner working its way through the house is unbelievably comforting, and then....SILENCE! What's happened to our serene, controlled … [Read more...]

Understanding HVAC Repair Quotes & Parts

Getting handed a HVAC repair quote can be a little like getting handed a stereo manual written in Sanskrit. "You need to replace what because of why?" If you don't know some basic terminology, you can sometimes feel like technicians are pulling your leg and trying to charge you for repairs that … [Read more...]

How To Lower Your Energy Bills With Regular HVAC Maintenance

It's clear to anyone who's paying electric or gas bills that HVAC systems can make or break your bank, especially with energy costs rising, with no end in sight. By performing routine maintenance on your HVAC unit/system, you can dramatically increase its efficiency and lower your energy bills. Not … [Read more...]