Are The Air Returns In Your Hayward Home Doing An Efficient Job?

As reliable Hayward air conditioning installation professionals, we realize that most homeowners don’t know the functions of all of the components of their HVAC systems. As long as it’s working, no problem, right? The fact is, if your air returns are doing an inadequate job, you could experience reduced comfort, poor air quality, and higher energy costs.

Air returns bring conditioned air back into your furnace or air conditioner, while supply ducts deliver conditioned (heated or cooled) air into the rooms of your home. Both must be working optimally in order to enjoy the most energy efficiency, and a comfortable home. If your air returns aren’t working efficiently, you may experience:

Poor air quality. If leaks exist in your ducts, contaminated air containing bacteria, mold spores, and other pathogens may make their way into your home, due to the fact that air returns under negative pressure are frequently routed through crawl spaces, attics, and other unconditioned zones.

Air imbalances. Undersize ducts or ducts that leak can lead to more air being delivered to your rooms than is returned to your air conditioning or furnace. Air pressure should be neutral for optimum cooling, and when more air is being supplied to your room than is being taken out by return ducts, it results in positive pressure – which means energy waste as your system works to push air out of your home through every little tiny gap or crack. Ultimately, your HVAC system runs longer and works harder to meet the setting on your thermostat.

Less comfort. Many homes were constructed with only a single air return instead of a dedicated return in each room. Essentially, this results in the entire system being starved of air when doors to bedrooms are closed, unless there are jumper ducts routed between rooms, or air grilles installed. The result? Temperature inconsistencies in individual rooms.

You may have given little thought to air returns, or how they work. Does the air inside your home feel uncomfortable, or does the air quality not seem up to par? Contact the Hayward air conditioning installation and maintenance experts at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning today for answers.