A/C Problems Contra Costa Homeowners May Encounter

While every Contra Costa homeowner hopes they never encounter a serious problem with their A/C system, there are some issues that are more likely to occur than others. Older systems are likely to experience problems on occasion; even well maintained air conditioners may develop a problem. As trusted Contra Costa air conditioning installation specialists, we want to alert you to some of the issues you are most likely to encounter over the years.

Low refrigerant level. Your system’s performance can be greatly affected by low refrigerant. Either a leak may have developed, or your A/C system may have been undercharged upon installation. Have your technician check for leaks during routine tune-ups.

Clogged condensate drain. During the warmer summer months, it’s easy for a condensate drain to become clogged. Check yours often, clearing it whenever the drain appears to be clogged.

Electric control failure. There are occasions on which an oversized system is installed in a home, which can wear out a compressor and fan controls before their time due to the fact that it kicks on and off more frequently than a properly-sized system. Have your Bay Area service technician check and clean wires and terminals which may have become corroded during your tune-up.

While not all problems can be avoided, you can ensure that your system works as efficiently as possible and lasts for years by properly maintaining it. Some of the maintenance will have to be performed by an expert HVAC professional, but there are some things you can do yourself as well. Change your filter often, keep the outside unit clean and free of leaves, clearing any vegetation. Hose it off when needed.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning we want to help ensure your A/C equipment works as efficiently as possible, and is maintained on a regular basis so that you can enjoy worry-free use for years. Call our Contra Costa HVAC professionals for all of your air conditioning installation and maintenance needs!