Summer Air Conditioner Use: 5 Tips To Get Your System Ready

If you’re a resident of Contra Costa or San Mateo, the last thing you want when it comes time to turn on the A/C is trouble. As experts in air conditioning repair and installation, we at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning have a few tips to help homeowners prepare for the summer months, enjoying comfort all season long. Your cooling system has been on “vacation” during the winter months, but getting it ready for warmer weather is a fairly simple process.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure your unit is functioning. Switch your thermostat to the cooling position, then turn it on. In a few minutes, you should begin getting cool air; if you don’t, contact your contractor for HVAC maintenance or repair. Even when not in use over the winter season, your A/C can still sustain damage caused by simple wear and tear, accumulating dirt – even animals.
  2. Clear the area around your unit. Shrubs, limbs, weeds, bushes – these things should be cleared out for best operation. Keep an area of at least two feet around your unit clear and free of plants, trees and vegetation.
  3. Change the filter. It’s recommended that you change the air filter often, at least every two to three months. As seasoned contractors, we know that a dirty filter is a common cause of malfunction, which could lead to necessary HVAC repair. Dusty indoor air and/or poor performance can be caused by something as simple as a dirty filter.
  4. Clean your outdoor unit. Many homeowners don’t give the outdoor unit a second thought, assuming it is “tough” and can stand up to the elements. It needs a cleaning, just like appliances inside your home. Clear away grass, leaves, cobwebs, dirt, twigs and other debris, particularly around grilles. Also be sure to clean the inside of the casing by using a brush to remove debris.
  5. Don’t skip maintenance. The most important thing you can do to keep your A/C system running at top performance is to schedule regular preventive maintenance. Through seasonal HVAC maintenance, you can help ensure your system functions properly and has a long life span, reducing the need for air conditioning repair – and saving you money.

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