4 Reasons To Consider A Heat Pump For Your Bay Area Home

Many homeowners in the Bay Area rely on furnaces to keep their homes warm in winter months. However, you may want to consider a heat pump for your Bay Area home – a type of heating system that is highly energy efficient and offers other benefits as well.

No doubt you have heard of heat pumps, but how do they work?

Furnaces use gas to create heat; a heat pump extracts heat from outdoor air and uses it to heat your home through electricity. Essentially, the design of a heat pump makes it possible to take the heat from outside (yes, there is heat even in cold outdoor air), and move it inside.

4 reasons to consider a heat pump for your San Francisco home

  1. Ideal for the Bay Area’s moderate temperatures. For the most part, temperatures do not drop to extreme levels in winter months in the area. Heat pumps are highly effective when temperatures are cold, but when it is severely cold they start to lose efficiency. Because of the moderate temperatures in the Bay Area, heat pumps are ideal all year long.
  2. Energy efficient. Heat pumps are highly efficient due to the fact they use only a small amount of electricity to generate warm air, rather than the gas that furnaces use. In fact, heat pumps provide more energy than they consume!
  3. One system to cool and heat your home. With a heat pump, you have one system that provides cool air in summer months, and warm air in winter months.
  4. Works with your home’s existing ductwork. You may hesitate to have a heat pump installed because you believe the process will be complicated and costly. Not the case! Because heat pumps are forced-air systems just as air conditioners and furnaces are, the existing ductwork can be used to deliver conditioned air into your home.

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